Can TPP make it into the spotlight?

The US government has an unannounced strategy when it comes to privacy legislation. When one fails, start another one. That’s a flaw in US politics as it’s easy to spin out an endless stream of seemingly different pieces of legislation in an effort to make the end goal come true. In this case, it’s SOPA. The censorship bill was summarily quashed by the public, but more bills keep popping up like bad sequels to a terrible movie. This time, the target is TPP, and it’s not getting enough attention… just as the government knew it wouldn’t.

They figured it out. The Internet refused to let them pass SOPA as a law, so big media’s lobbyists have pushed to include extreme Internet censorship in a secretive trade agreement known as the Trans Pacific Partnership[1]. It’s like they’re passing SOPA without a vote.

World leaders will be meeting for the first time as early as this week to solidify this agreement behind closed doors. This could be our last chance to stop Internet censorship.

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