Chinese company decides to exit the U.S. market over cyber espionage concerns

Huaweii, a Chinese company, has decided to exit the U.S. market over cyber espionage concerns. While the company claims to be committed to its customers, many U.S. officials believe  suspect that Huawei may be working with the Chinese military to conduct cyber espionage against the U.S. and other countries.

Chinese networking and telecommunications equipment provider Huawei is calling it quits in the US. CEO Ren Zhengfei recently told French news site Les Echos that it wasn’t worth it for his company to get in the middle of US / China relations and as such, they have decided to exit the US market.

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  • oriorda

    It’s no loss at all. They only sold stuff because they were effectively dumping at low prices. If you look at their code it is completely open to hacking.. much like Microsoft OS code was in the 1990’s before Microsoft wised up and began to implement security procedures. Huaweii code is mostly an open door.

    The real problem is their crap is now EVERYWHERE and it will be years (if ever) before it’s purged out of the West’s Internet systems.