iPad dominates tablet sales for 2013

Apple’s iPad accounted for more that 15% of personal computing device sales while the combined number of Android tablet sales only reached about 9%. Despite being number one, iPad sales are actually down this year compared to last year while Android and Windows tablets continue to grow. 

The iPad held the biggest share of unit sales for any tablet in the United States throughout 2013, while sales of Google Chromebooks made up a bigger percentage of the laptop market compared to Mac notebooks, according to a new report from The NPD Group. The data in the report showed that the iPad accounted for 15.8% of personal computing device sales, which was greater than that of Android tablets at 8.7% and Windows tablets at 2.2%. However, the iPad’s share of unit sales in the U.S. this year is down from the year-ago period, where it made up for 17.1% of sales. Sales of both Android tablets and Windows tablets grew by 4.5% and 1.4%, respectively. 

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