NSA top-secret catalogue of keys can unlock the world’s security architecture

Ever organization, from government agencies to major corporations, rely on security companies to provide them with the security architecture they need to protect their information. However, for years the NSA has been able to slip into the vast majority of these systems and has been able to create a top-secret catalogue os keys can unlock the world’s security architecture.

Around the world, corporations, nonprofits and government agencies depend on the computer security architecture made by companies like Cisco, Juniper, and Huawei to protect their most valuable secrets. But for years the vast majority of these systems have been compromised. A 2008 document obtained by German newspaper Der Spiegel reveals the National Security Agency has been able to slip into the majority of systems made by the major players in the computer security industry, thanks to an entire catalog of resilient and hard-to-detect backdoors, some of which are capable of burrowing as deep as a computer’s motherboard.

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