iOS users spend more money, more often than Android users

According to a new analysis, iOS users tend to make more purchases online compared to Android users. This continues to send an extremely strong signal that iOS is a lucrative platform for eCommerce, never mind the fact that Android has picked up its fair share of users over the years. The study showed that iOS users spent around $93.94 on average, which is nearly double of what Android users spent at $48.10 per order.

Like the wicked queen who gazed in the mirror and begged who was the fairest of them all, Google might not like the answer it gets if it were to ask, which is the most lucrative mobile OS of them all. That’s because even though Google owns mobile marketshare, its iOS users who spend the most money — by far. A recent analysis by IBM of holiday shopping for 2013 found that the most popular mobile OS was not the fairest of them all when it came to using those devices to spend money. IBM found that iOS users were five times more likely to spend money using their devices with 23 percent of online sales credited to iOS versus just 4.6 percent coming from Android. 

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By Carl Durrek

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