L.A. school board moves forward with $115 million iPad deal

The Los Angeles Unified School District has already hit a few roadblocks rolling out iPads for use by students in classrooms. Despite those problems, however, the tablets are going to continue to be distributed. The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that the Los Angeles Board of Education recently approved a deal that will bring iPads to 38 new school campuses in the area, at a cost of about $115 million.

Continuing its efforts to provide every student with a computer, the Los Angeles Board of Education on Tuesday agreed to distribute iPads to 38 more campuses, begin the process of purchasing laptops for seven high schools and buy as many tablets as needed for new state tests in the spring. In doing so, the board adopted the proposal of schools Supt. John Deasy rather than following the advice of an oversight panel that had recommended purchasing thousands fewer of the devices.


By Jesseb Shiloh

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