Pinterest may soon allow users to upload GIFs

Pinterest is experimenting with GIFs and soon you can pin them as well along with your routine pictures and snaps. Currently, this feature is allowed to selected pinners and they can upload GIFs and play them within the platform. interest was never compatible with GIFs and whenever any user uploaded a GIF, it used to present it as a still image. And user had to follow the original link of the pin to view the GIF.

You may soon be pinning GIFs alongside your favorite meals and workout photos. A new Pinterest feature available to select pinners allows them to play GIFs within the platform, a feature that was previously unavailable. After uploading a GIF to a pinboard, users can play or pause the GIF by clicking a small “play” button in the lower left-hand corner of the image. Previously, when users uploaded GIFs to Pinterest, they appeared as still images unless users followed the link back to the GIF’s original source outside of the platform.

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