Verizon’s cheaper Shared Data plan is a joke

Beware of wireless carriers trying to sell you on “bargains.” CNET notes that Verizon has come out with a new “share everything” data plan that costs just $20 a month but that also offers only 250MB of shared data. And of course, the $20 data plan is only part of the package since you’ll also have to pay for voice and SMS, which together bring the total cost of the plan to $60 a month.

Verizon’s Share Everything family data plan is getting a little more affordable. The carrier said that starting Tuesday, Verizon customers will be able to sign up for a $60 Share Everything plan, $20 less than the current cheapest plan. Customers will only get half as much data — 250 megabytes vs. the $80, 500 MB plan. Verizon said that this offer will only be available for a limited time. The lower end plan is ideal for basic phone customers who don’t use a lot of data, as many normal customers would chew through 250 MB in a few days or less. Verizon still has a chunk of its customer base on basic phones, and is looking for them to upgrade to smartphones and sign up for one of its Share Everything plans.

By Michio Hasai

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