Apple handles 40 billion iMessages and 20 million FaceTime call every day

iMessage was introduced in 2011 alongside iOS 5. It was believed to be Apple’s answer to platform-exclusive messaging platforms like BlackBerry’s BBM and Samsung’s ChatON at that time. Prior to that, the Messages app was mainly used for sending/receiving regular text messages and MMS. However it seems that thanks to more iPhones being adopted on an annual basis, along with more iPads being sold, it looks like Apple’s iMessages is quite a hit amongst iOS users. 

As Apple continues to sell more and more iPhones and iPads, the number of users on iMessage continues to rise. What’s truly impressive is by just how much. Back in January of 2013, when the iPhone 5 was still top dog, users were sending an average of 2 billion iMessages per day. Apple says this number now sits at 40 billion messages sent per day. By mid-2013, there had been a total of 900 billion iMessages ever sent. Users are now hitting 900 billion messages every three weeks. These figures were given out today by Tim Cook at Apple’s stockholder meeting, who also discussed the increased success of the Apple TV. Apple also revealed there are roughly 15 to 20 million FaceTime calls made each day.

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