New Apple job listings suggest focus on a n improved camera

Apple’s iPhones have typically been known for their cameras and for the ability to capture great photos. Obviously one cannot compare iPhone photos to that of a proper camera, but as far as smartphone cameras are concerned, they are surprisingly pretty good. Of course there are certain areas in which Apple is lacking, such as optical image stabilization and low-light photography, just to name a few areas in which their competitors are beating them in. 

In an unusual move, Apple has greatly expanded its call for specialists and engineers connected to camera, lens, sensor and other aspects of digital imaging in recent job postings. The iPhone maker has added 15 want ads related to camera and digital imaging over the past two weeks, joining nine other listings posted last month. Camera technology has been a major selling point in Apple’s mobile devices but is also a key part of its desktop and notebook offerings. The company has recently expanded FaceTime to handle audio-only calling and work in HD , and while the cameras and sensors it uses on the iPhone and iPad are made by Sony, Apple handles the design of the cameras itself. 

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