Hyperlocal social network Nextdoor partners with San Francisco

Nextdoor, the San Francisco startup that connects neighbors to each other and has secured over $100 million in funding, will announce an official partnership with the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management soon. The partnership began on a trial basis last fall, as reported by the Business Times. Nextdoor has 180 communities on its network in San Francisco, representing 99% of the neighborhoods in the city, according to the company. 

Hyperlocal social network Nextdoor isn’t just about introducing you to your neighbors so you can borrow each other’s lawn mowers, recommend babysitters, and pitch in to find lost pets. The network also has more than 100 partnerships with local governments, which can issue alerts to specific neighborhoods about things like street closures, broken water mains, and even bigger emergencies. Including, someday, the Big One. While Nextdoor has networks in more than 32,000 neighborhoods in all 50 states, the company is headquartered in San Francisco, and on Thursday it announced its latest partnership, with San Francisco’s Department of Emergency Management (DEM). This will allow the city goverment to share real-time information during an emergency, like a big earthquake, with individual neighborhoods of connected citizens—100 percent of San Francisco’s neighborhoods have a presence on Nextdoor, so the pairing makes a ton of sense.

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