Facebook aims to be a trusted source for journalists with Newswire

Facebook might be taking a stronger foothold in the breaking news world of journalism with their launch of FB Newswire, a news aggregator resource for journalists that collects Facebook posts deemed newsworthy in a single page stream. They are hoping it becomes a trusted source for journalists, meeting their need to air breaking news faster and speed up the source verification process.

Facebook wants to be your digital newspaper, and it’s not beating around the bush to make that happen. The social network launched FB Newswire on Thursday, a Facebook page of hand-selected and journalist-verified news stories from across Facebook’s platform, according to Andy Mitchell, director of news and global media partnerships at Facebook. The key to FB Newswire is a partnership with Storyful, a news agency that aggregates news content shared on social networks. Storyful has three offices on different continents, including a team of journalists in each office that work to verify news as it is shared over social media, according to Aine Kerr, managing editor at Storyful.

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