Jimmy Fallon receives 14 million Dogecoins from activist street artist

The digital currency dogecoin has become popular for its use in tipping on reddit and its community’s willingness to contribute to worthy causes. Now, however, an anonymous character known only as ‘Hood’ is highlighting the altruistic side of the dogecoin community even further by giving away thousands of dollars-worth of the altcoin to address social injustice.

An anonymous guardian angel is sitting atop an extremely large pile of dogecoins, and has started giving them away via Twitter’s @dogetipbot. His first spree was launched in mid-March, when he sent 14 million dogecoins to the doge4water cause, and has picked up the pace since. The [email protected] is spewing millions of dogecoins to celebrities and tech influencers. The only request? That the good deed be passed along to people in need. “No press, no interviews,” the user tweets

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