A recent survey suggests most Apple users aren’t looking for a larger iPhone

The iPhone 6 is launching later this year and we guess that’s something that many of us have come to expect. Now word on the street has it that the iPhone 6 will sport a larger display, in fact the rumors claim it will come in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes, so depending on your needs and preference, customers will apparently have two sizes to choose from. That being said, is a larger display truly what iPhone owners are looking for in the next iPhone? Well according to website WalletHero, they decided to poll their customers to find out what features they are looking for in the next iPhone, and interestingly enough, a larger display was not the number one priority.

Apple has known for years that consumers want an iPhone with a larger display, as was revealed recently when an internal Apple document from 2012 was revealed during the Apple-Samsung patent trial. But now that iPhones with big screens finally appear to be in the works for launches later this year, a new question is raised: Is a larger display really the most desired new iPhone 6 feature among potential iPhone buyers? According to one new survey, the answer is no. Gadget deal site WalletHero polled more than 1,500 future iPhone 6 buyers in an effort to determine what their most sought-after features are on Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6. The most common response, as it tunes out was not a larger display. WalletHero’s poll found that the most desired feature in Apple’s upcoming iPhones is better battery life. In fact, a whopping 97% of those polled listed battery life in their responses. A larger display was the second most common response, with 85% of respondents having listed it. A better camera (73%), faster processor (43%) and microSD card support (37%) rounded out the top five.

By Connor Livingston

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