Microsoft has released an online training portal for Windows Phone

Not sure how to use Windows Phone? Are you migrating from a rival operating system like Android, iOS, or BlackBerry? Microsoft is now launching a new training portal to help new users to the platform get acquainted with Windows Phone with an interactive tutorial filled with videos. After having launched a training video to help users get started with Cortana, Microsoft is now taking the idea a step further by acquainting users with Windows Phone 8.1 through a dedicated training site. If you need help getting started with a Windows Phone or want to learn more about the platform, be sure to click on the source link at the bottom.

Now that Microsoft has announced that they will be doing away with Android and their feature phones, it pretty much means that the Redmond company’s attention will be focused purely on Windows Phone, at least as far as their mobile efforts are concerned. So with Windows Phone pretty much being their only hope for mobile phones, Microsoft has since released a new training portal meant to get users acquainted with the platform. The training portal is basically a bunch of interactive tutorials along with videos that will guide a person through the use of Windows Phone. For example it teaches them how to arrange their tiles to their liking, how to check for updates, customize the phone’s color, decorate it with photos, and so on. As you might have recalled, Microsoft had recently launched a training video that teaches users the basic functions of their voice assistant program, Cortana. In any case it’s a pretty interesting idea and a good way for users to explore some of the functionality in Windows Phone without having to try the device themselves. It’s also a great way for new Windows Phone users to get used to the operating system which is very different from the likes of Android and iOS.

By Sal McCloskey

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