Apple fanboys in London are already lining up for the iPhone 6

It was earlier this month that we reported on how queues for the iPhone 6 have already begun to form over in the U.S.- and the more amazing thing about this “phenomenon” would be the iPhone 6 was not revealed yet back then. Having said that, now that we know how and what the iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus look like and bring to the table, it makes much more sense to begin lining up to pick up the new iPhone which is set to arrive later this month. Hence, lines have already begun to form across the Atlantic as well, particularly at the Regent Street Apple Store in London.

You can’t get your hands on one until September 19th, but that hasn’t stopped Apple fans from forming an orderly queue already. With tent pitched the first eager enthusiast was Daniel Rodrigues, pictured above. He has set up camp outside the famous Regent Street Apple Store in London. It’s unclear whether he’s an Apple fanatic or has been paid to stay in line, but what we do know is, he’s got a very long wait ahead. The iPhone 6 was unveiled yesterday in Cupertino, California. With Apple Chief, Tim Cook, excitedly showing off two new devices including the company’s first larger phablet phone. Apple also gave fans a glimpse of its smartwatch, which will bring all kinds of notifications to your wrist. It’s also fitted with heath and fitness monitors to keep an eye your daily activity levels. Unlike the iPhone the Apple Watch won’t be on sale until early next year, with the basic model likely to cost around £250. The Daily Star Online has had an exclusive play on Apple’s Watch and we’ll be bringing you a full hands-on with it tomorrow.

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By Louie Baur

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