Microsoft has announced 22 new Windows Phones from 14 OEMs

When it comes to Windows Phone handsets, chances are you are probably think of a Nokia Lumia device. That’s because while there are other Windows Phone OEMs at the moment, Nokia is probably the most prolific, although we guess that will soon change once Microsoft does away with the Nokia brand for good. That being said, it seems that more OEMs have hopped on board the Windows Phone bandwagon, at least according to a blog post on Microsoft’s website. According to the Redmond company, they have announced that they have partnered up with 14 new OEMs to create Windows Phone devices.

These last few months has seen some exciting progress for Windows Phone when it comes to OEMs. There have been 14 new OEMs with more than 22 devices announced! Part of this success stems from Microsoft’s collaboration on Qualcomm’s References Design Program which makes it easier for manufacturers to make windows phones based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. The crown jewel of these new strategy is the HTC One M8 for Windows Phone, with the exact same specifications as their flagship Android phone. Besides the M8 there have been other recent devices. Several OEMs showcased their Windows Phone devices at IFA 2014. New Generation Mobile (NGM) collaborated with motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson to release their first Windows Phone for Harley-Davidson die-hards. KAZAM showed off the Thunder340W, their first Windows Phone, BLU released the Win JR and the Win HD, YEZZ unveiled the mere 7.2mm thick Billy 4.7, and ARCHOS announced their colorful 40 Cesium. You can read more of these devices at the Microsoft’s blog. Most of these specific devices are lower to mid-range, but it’s a start. The Moto G showed how successful a good value phone could be, and to many it dethroned the lower end Windows Phones. It’s time for Windows Phone to prove the advantages it has on cheaper hardware again.


By Connor Livingston

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