Microsoft is going through another round of layoffs

Microsoft took an axe to another slice of its employees today, cutting around 3,000 jobs according to Mary Jo Foley. TechCrunch heard through a separate source that the layoffs were imminent, but was not able to confirm their size. The company released a short statement indicating that it has nearly wrapped “all [of] the 18,000 reductions announced [it] in July.” These cuts come from “many different business units, and many different countries,” the company indicated.

In July this year, we brought you word on how Microsoft intends to shed their workforce by 18,000 jobs before the end of next year, which is not good news at all – especially when you take into consideration how the economy is not doing all that great for everyone at all in recent times. Just last month, Microsoft moved to release 2,100 of their employees, and this time around, we have word that yet another round of layoffs has occurred – and this time it will impact approximately 3,000 employees. Apparently, majority of the layoffs targeted support staff. Regardless, being made redundant in a company is definitely not a good experience at all, so hopefully those who were let go would have sufficient savings to tide them over until they begin on a new enterprise or obtain a new job to help them manage their daily expenses. Eventually, when all of the intended 18,000 job cuts are completed, it ought to cost the company somewhere in the region of $1.1 billion to $1.6 billion.

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