Microsoft has hired robotic security guards

We did talk about the K5 sentry robots from Knightscope not too long ago, and it seems that Microsoft, the second most valuable company in the world, intends to enlist the help of the K5 sentry robots to increase the amount of security on their campus. The K5 sentry robots will come equipped with alarms, High Definition sensors, microphones, heat detectors and cameras that will work in tandem with one another, keeping track of human behavior in the vicinity. It is hoped that this will help folks remain honest in a far less threatening environment.

It seems science fiction has actually met reality with robots being latest additions to the security force at Microsoft’s silicon valley campus. Microsoft has enlisted the robots, known as K5s, to help ensure safety on campus. There’s no artificial intelligence here, and the robots aren’t armed with weapons. Which begs the question, how do they protect or deter crime? The robots are equipped with alarms, HD sensors, microphones, heat detectors and cameras. The computer software giant is hopeful that just having them around to monitor and record people’s behavior will keep them honest in a less threatening environment. They also come standard with GPS, speakers, Wi-Fi and weather sensors. If they “detect” trouble, they send a signal back to the command post. From the command post, security officers can monitor and respond to the activity quickly. It not only has the ability to sense and report possible crimes, it can record the incidents making them great recall witnesses. They can record the GPS location of the incident, and record over 300 license plate numbers in the area for use in the investigations.

By Scarlett Madison

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