Scribd takes aim at Audible by adding audibooks to its subscription service

Scribd is about to give Audible a serious run for its money. Today it’s adding an audiobooks section to its ebooks subscription service, giving its customers access to more than 30,000 audiobooks as part of their existing $8.99 per month subscription. That’s a huge addition, and it’s going to make Audible’s subscribers think twice about paying $14.95 every month for only a single audiobook.

All-you-can-read ebook service Scribd now has an all-you-can-listen component with the addition of 30,000 audiobooks included as part of its $8.99 per month subscription. Android devices and Web browsers will get first access to the new category, followed by iOS in a few days. Members won’t have to pay any extra to listen to audiobooks, as it’s bundled into the existing pricing. Scribd CEO Trip Adler said audiobooks have been the number one requested feature by current users. Audio content is streamed from Scribd, so you’ll be able to start listening to a book right away. You can also save up to 10 titles for offline support.

By Chastity Mansfield

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