Samsung asks US court to toss $930 million verdict awarded to Apple

You might recall that a while back in the Apple versus Samsung lawsuit that Apple was awarded a whopping $930 million in damages. However since then, both companies have kind of stayed out of the spotlight as far as their legal issues were concerned and have agreed to drop most of their legal battles against one another. However Samsung is back in the headlines as they have recently filed an appeal with the US Court of Appeals asking them to toss the $930 million verdict that was awarded to Apple. 

Samsung Electronics Co. urged a U.S. appeals court to toss a $930 million verdict won by Apple Inc., saying the South Korean company didn’t copy the iPhone’s design and unique look and arguing that the damage award was too high. “They awarded Samsung’s total profit for all of these phones — this is absurd,” Kathleen Sullivan, representing Samsung, told the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington today. “It’s like awarding the profit of an entire car because of infringement of the design of the cupholder.” Apple and Samsung have dropped most of their legal battles — this and a second trial that’s also before the appeals court are all that remain of a fight across four continents. This verdict is the largest awarded in any of the so-called smartphone wars, and an appeals court decision determining the proper damages could help foster an eventual settlement.


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