Apple might not be releasing a 4-inch iPhone after all

Apple fans across the globe rejoiced when the company announced that it would finally be giving them the bigger screened iPhones that they’ve been wanting for quite some time, but recent rumors have suggested that Apple would be offering smaller, 4-inch variants of their smartphones in the near future. However, recent reports cast doubt on these rumors. 

When Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, safe to say many fans were happy as Apple had finally given them something they have been asking for, not to mention it would give Android fans one less thing to hate on Apple for. However rumors have surfaced suggesting that Apple could be going back to the 4-inch form factor with the iPhone 6s. This was backed by an analyst who believed that this was indeed the case. Now it does seem odd that Apple would introduce a 4-inch model alongside the larger models, and if you’re thinking that it would be a silly idea, there is a chance that the rumors are false. A report from G4Games has suggested that Apple has yet to place any orders for a 4-inch model, indicating that the earlier rumors could be false.

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