Chinese hackers are causing the Department of Defense millions

According to recently detailed documents from the Snowden leaks published by Der Spiegel, the NSA has done research into the ever-growing cyberwarfare arms race that’s occurring. What it found was that the US Department of Defense has suffered over $100 million in damages thanks to hackers working for the Chinese military.

Chinese army hackers apparently caused more than $100 million worth of damage to U.S. Department of Defense networks, according to NSA research detailed in documents from the Edward Snowden cache. On Saturday Germany’s Der Spiegel published a story, based on the Snowden documents, that described some of the offensive “digital weapons” the NSA has developed and generally outlined the chaotic, unregulated arms race that’s ramping up in the digital realm. A large part of the article focused on the capabilities of other countries – something that’s not previously come through very strongly in publications of Snowden’s revelations – and how the NSA tracks what foreign intelligence agencies steal, then steals that information from them. This cunning practice is apparently known as “Fourth Party Collection”.

By Lorie Wimble

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