A preview of Windows 10 for mobile may be launching next month

After several weeks of waiting, Microsoft’s big Windows 10 event is just a day away. Many reports and rumors surrounding what we can expect from this event have been circulating but ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, who has been exceptionally accurate in her reports thus far, claims that the company will announce a preview release of Windows 10 for mobile for next month. 

Tomorrow, January 21, is Microsoft’s second “big reveal” event for its coming Windows 10 operating system. (The first was in late September, when the company offered an overview of its Windows 10 strategy and technical preview plans.) But tomorrow will not be the day Microsoft releases the first preview of the mobile version of its Windows 10 operating system, according sources close to Microsoft. Instead, the first public release of the Windows 10 mobile SKU — which sources have said will work on both Windows Phones and smaller Intel- and ARM-based tablets — won’t happen until some time in February 2015.

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