Apple is reportedly preparing to “give Tesla a run for its money”

Following news of an Apple van roaming the streets of San Francisco and reports that Apple and Tesla are fighting to steal employees from each other, an anonymous Apple employee has come forward saying that the company is currently working on something that could “give Tesla a run for its money.” How the company intends to do that is still unclear but it’s doubtful that Apple will be releasing its own vehicle. 

Last week we reported on a mysterious Apple van making its way around San Francisco. After writing about how the van could be used for a self-driving car, we got an unsolicited email from an employee at Apple about “vehicle development” at the company. This person said Tesla employees were “jumping ship” to work at Apple. “Apple’s latest project is too exciting to pass up,” the person said. “I think it will change the landscape and give Tesla a run for its money.” Apple has about 50 employees who previously worked at Tesla, according to LinkedIn. Many of those hires were engineers who interned at Tesla. Most of the engineers Apple has hired from Tesla specialize in mechanics, manufacturing, and robotics.

By Alfie Joshua

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