Android stories

WhatsApp on Android Oreo Gets Notification Channel Support
Google is Patching a Bug that Slows Down Wi-Fi Networks Connected to Both Android and Chromecast Devices
Amazon Adds Alexa to Android App
Amazon Adds Alexa to the Alexa App on Android
Amazon Brings Voice Control to its Alexa App for Android, with iOS Coming Soon
Google's Secret OS that May Someday Replace Android was Just Caught on Video
Android Wear 2.8 Rolling Out with Darker Background, More Compact Notification Layout
24 Hidden Android Settings You Should Know About
Android Surveillance Tool Can Steal WhatsApp Messages, Kaspersky Warns
This Android Spyware Can Steal your WhatsApp Messages
Found: New Android Malware with Never-before-seen Spying Capabilities
4 Ways Google's Android Beats Samsung's Android and 3 Ways it Doesn't
Chrome OS May Soon Get Android Notification Badges
Google Duo Spotted Working on Android Smartphones Without the App Installed
CES 2018: 8 Awesome Android Announcements You Might Have Missed
Google is Combining Android Pay and Google Wallet Under One Brand: Google Pay
Now Google is Spamming Android Phones from Other Companies, Too
8 New Year's Resolutions for Android Fans in 2018
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