Android stories

Google Confirms Dark Mode is a Huge Help for Battery Life on Android
EToro Rolls Out its Cryptocurrency Wallet for Android and iOS
Google is Adding Android Support for Foldable Screens
Cheap Androids Cause Problems for iPhone in India
You Can Soon Continue Using an Android App While It’s Being Updated
Tiny Android, Linux Laptop: Cosmo Communicator is Also Dual-screen Phone
Opera will Block Those Annoying Cookie Dialog Boxes on its Android App
Maybe I Can Finally Buy this Tiny Android Laptop Now that it Doubles as a Phone
Android Pie has a Battery Life Problem
Helium Temporarily Bricks iPhones and Apple Watches in Chicago Hospital, Android Devices Immune
Android Under-5s Apps Have 'Unfair and Deceptive' Ads
Android Phones Can't Match the iPhone's Facial Recognition, so They're Using Embedded Fingerprint Sensors
Android Security: Why Google's Demands for Updates Don't Go Far Enough
Why Android Nearby, IBeacons, and Eddystone Failed to Gain Traction
Vankyo’s Android Mini-projector is a Date Night Delight
Nike Upset Hypebeasts with Accidental Android-exclusive SNKRS Drop
Massive Ad Scam Stole Millions Through Android Apps
Android: A 10-year Visual History
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