Android stories

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WhatsApp for Android Now Lets Users Download Deleted Media
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Study Finds Over 3,300 Android Apps Improperly Tracking Kids
Google Accidentally Reveals Android P Might Have iPhone X-like Gestures
Android is Still Failing Where Apple's iOS is Winning
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Android Circuit: Latest OnePlus 6 Surprise, Note 9 Battery Leaks, Secret Galaxy S9 Revealed
This Setting Makes Entering Passwords on Android Oreo a Breeze
Some Android Phone are Hiding Missing Security Patches, Researchers Say
Android Phones Claiming to Have Latest Patches Don't Always do
Some Android Phone Manufacturers are Lying to Users About Missed Security Updates
Here's What the Galaxy Note 9 Might Look like if it Steals the iPhone X Notch like Every Other Android Phone
European Commission May Slap Google with a Serious Fine Over Android
Are Hardware Makers Doing Enough to Keep Android Phones Secure?
Some Android Manufacturers Lie to Customers About Installing Security Updates
Some Android OEMs are Effectively Lying About Security Updates by Changing Dates Without Adding Patches
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