Facebook stories

Facebook's Defunct Research App Gleaned Private Data from 187,000 Users
Facebook Says its YouTube Competitor is Growing, but Advertisers Want More Details
Facebook's Blood Donation Feature is Now Live in the US
Facebook will Pay You so it Can Track your Phone Activity
We’re all Going to Die
Facebook Says New Portal Devices Launching in the Fall
Changes to Facebook Graph Search Leaves Online Investigators in a Lurch
Facebook Promises New Portal Devices this Fall
As CBD Booms, Facebook is Quietly Cracking Down on Ads
Naked Protestors Redress Facebook’s Prude Nudity Policy
Google is Tech's Top Spender on Lobbying
Why this Former Facebook Executive Keeps Investing in A.I. And Messaging Start-ups
Facebook AI Study: Major Object Recognition Systems Favor People with More Money
ProBeat: YouTube is no Better than Facebook or Twitter
There’s no Roadmap to Breaking up Facebook-But Here’s Where the Government Might Start
Facebook's Cryptocurrency May Debut this Month
Dutch 'Big Brother' Creator Sues Facebook Over Fake Bitcoin Ads
Silicon Valley in the Crosshairs: Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple Face Bipartisan Onslaught
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