Twitter stories

Dorsey Says Twitter is Thinking About an Edit Button to Fix Typos in Tweets
Does Latinx Twitter Exist?
Twitter is Removing 'Locked' Accounts, Again
Twitter Removed Over 10,000 Bots that Pretended to Be Democrats, Tried to Discourage Voting
Twitter's #BeAVoter Campaign Had a Brief, Hilarious Malfunction
Exclusive: Twitter Deleted Over 10,000 Accounts Seeking to Discourage Voting
Twitter Apologises After 'Kill all Jews' Becomes a Trending Topic
Twitter’s Privacy Settings, Explained
Twitter Test Makes it Easier to See the Latest Tweets First
Twitter Tests Homescreen Button to Easily Switch to Reverse Chronological
Twitter’s New Midterm Election Page Already Includes Fake News
Twitter, Why are You Such a Hot Mess?
For Twitter, 'Sorry' Seems to Be the Easiest Word
280 Character Limit has Made Twitter Users More Polite, Use Fewer Awful Abbreviations
Twitter like Button to Be Removed ‘Soon,’ Some Users Remain Skeptical
Twitterrific for Mac Gets Share Extensions, Big Improvements
Gab, a Racist-friendly Alt-Twitter, has been Banned by PayPal and Others
Twitter Earnings Boosted by Sports Broadcasts
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