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12 geek movies to see before the 2013 summer blockbusters

Jack the Giant Slayer
March 1

The tale of Jack and the Bean Stalk comes to the big screen in this live action interpretation of the classic tale. It might be too fantastic to be good, but the thing that gives us hope is that it’s written by Darren Lemke and Christopher McQuarrie.


Oz the Great and Powerful
March 8

Sam Raimi and Disney tackle the origins of The Wizard of Oz with an exploration into how the wizard went from earth to the fantasy world of Oz. The flying monkeys are already there waiting for him.


G.I. Joe: Retaliation
March 29

First, Channing Tatum wasn’t big enough (apparently) to carry the story into a sequel. They brought in Dwayne Johnson to give it more muscle and Bruce Willis to give it more star power. Then, upon seeing the initial trailer last year and subsequent test screenings that showed Tatum getting killed off in the beginning, fans screamed. They reworked the movie to bring the star of the first part back into play more, though it’s uncertain whether he survives or dies later, but the trailer seems to suggest he plays a part in the action. This may be another disaster, even bigger than the first movie, but it needs to be mentioned just in case.


The Host
March 29

Sci-fi love stories normally don’t end well. It’s one of the hardest mixed genres to do right and this one may have enough creativity and grit to pull it off.[/]


Jurassic Park 3D
April 5

When it was originally released, it set a new bar for digital animation. Now it’s coming out in 3D to celebrate the 20th anniversary (has it really been that long?) and if you haven’t seen it in a while, it may make for some good weekend fun.


April 19

Tom Cruise is at it again with another futuristic sci-fi adventure. If he can bring what he brought to Minority Report and not Vanilla Sky, this has a chance to be a winner.


Iron Man 3
May 3

This is it. The summer blockbuster season begins with this big hit. The only question is whether or not it can beat it’s two extremely successful predecessors.

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