7 Cool Twitter Infographics


Twitter bird

Twitter is a polarizing force. Most people, particularly those who are tech-savvy, either love the 140-character-social-networking-microbloggy-thingy or they despise it with an absolute passion. You tweet or you don’t tweet. Few are indifferent towards it.

As a result of its popularity in both social media and mainstream media, Twitter is often the subject of infographics. Designers love taking the huge amount of data on and about Twitter and transforming that data into something visually stunning. We’ve combed through literally dozens of infographics about Twitter that have been created over the years and compiled 14 of our favorites. Here are the first 7 – the others will be posted next week. Some are old but still relevant. Others are brand-spanking new.

Twitter Infographic

First, we’ll start with this piece from SocialMediaSonar simply titled “Twitter Infographic”.

Twitter Graphic

(continue to “Twitter Questions” Infographic)

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