5 features we could see in cars of the future


As you may or may not know, cars these days are getting fancier and fancier with technology by the year. Remember when automatic windows and a CD player were considered amazing car technologies?

Now you can talk to your car, have GPS built in, and see exactly where you are when backing up, without having to turn around! I compiled 5 more features we will see in the future of cars.

1. Gaze Control

Imagine wanting to change the radio station or adjust the temperature of the car, and not have to use your hands. With the gaze control feature, the controls would appear on the windshield and the car would recognize your gaze in order to select a specific action. You may be thinking, “This won’t happen in my lifetime!” However this concept is already being tested on the Hyundai Genesis, HND-9.

2. Self-Driving Mode

Could car driving get any lazier than this? I really don’t think it can, but hey it is definitely super cool! Feeling tired on the road? No worries, simply set your destination, click a button, sit back relax, and let your car drive you to where you need to go. Think this is an unsafe invention that would never ever happen? WRONG! Google technologies has already started working on a self-driving car, and admits that this concept is something we will see if the near future. Maybe it’s a good thing that certain people won’t be operating their vehicle.

3. Accident Avoidance

A car that avoids virtually all accidents? Hey we already have cars that beep when someone is in your blind spot, or when you are really close to another object. With the technology we already have regarding car safety, I believe in the not-so-distant future we will have cars that avoid almost all accidents. Such technology may include cars that apply the break themselves when they sense potential contact, cars signaling when obstacles are ahead, night vision camera on the dash, and cars that can automatically adjust speed and settings according to the road, weather, etc.

4. App Center

This is a technology I am personally looking forward to, and truly hope it happens. Everyone with a smart phone has an app center, now imagine one in your car. Right from the driver’s seat you can download apps for your car such as, radio apps like iHeartRadio and Pandora, an app that may change the color lighting in your car, or maybe an app for games that the passengers of the car can play. Imagine going on a road trip and downloading a Family Feud App that plays through the car’s LED screen. The survey says…AWESOME! I really do not see why this feature would not happen sometime in the future. And not only because it may be the coolest idea ever.

5. Flying Cars

I had to include this. No matter how far into the future this may be, you can not deny that this is something everyone has thought about. You see it in movies all the time, and according to Back to the Future, we should have had flying cars a year ago. The flying car is an idea that surfaces every now and then and concepts are designed as well. Unfortunately however, this is a technology that will be in the very distant future, I just hope I am alive to see it. There is just so many things that need to be accounted for when it comes to flying cars. Safety issues need to be smoothed out, “skyways” need to be designed and outlined, and the list goes on and on. Hopefully, though we can find our own Doc Brown who can bring this dream to a reality.

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