5 features we’d like to see on Facebook

Facebook Features

Millions of people all across the world use Facebook, and it is currently the most popular social networking website in the world. Whether you are updating your status, checking someone’s profile, or chatting with friends, chances are you are using Facebook. Some people find Facebook so valuable that they even buy Facebook fans to make their page more popular. Although it is a great social networking platform, users are constantly asking for more. Adding new features is extremely important when it comes to the health of any site. Even though Facebook has some of the best features to date, growth and innovation is important if Facebook wants to stay at the top. Here are five features that we and the majority of the Facebook community would like to see on Facebook.

1. Remove Ads Option
As every Facebook user knows, there are many ads on Facebook. They can get annoying at times and they can take over a page. A feature that will be very useful is the option to press a key to get rid off all of the ads or at least an option to select ads that you want to be displayed on your page.
2. Who Unfriended Me?
On Facebook, you do not know if someone unfriended you are not. Many want the feature of a notification via email or text when someone unfriended you. No one wants to have someone as a friend when they deleted you on their page. A notification will make life easier and let you know where you stand with other Facebook users.
3. Relationship Status Background Check
Many have figured out that people lie about their relationship status on Facebook. It is so easy to do and that is the reason why cheaters everywhere see Facebook as their playground. Wouldn’t it be great if Facebook could detect whether or not a person is married or dating someone exclusively? The only problem with this feature would be the privacy policy.
4. Dislike Button
On every website, you can see the option to like something on Facebook. Whether you are reading a blog or shopping online, you see the Facebook like button. Yes, it is nice to like something but negative feedback would be good as well. Why not have a dislike button as well.
5. Facebook Photo Editor
A photo editor would be an amazing Facebook feature. Everyone loves posting photos but no one is perfect and some pictures are in need of a few fixes. Rather than using another program, Facebook should provide a photo editor for their users.

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