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A look back at 20 years of web design

Web Design

Web Design

It’s hard to imagine a world without the internet for those in their 20s. It’s been with us as a common entity for 2 decades now and the evolution has been stunning. When you compare websites now to those in 1998, one thing is clear – we’ve come a long way.

This infographic by our friends at KissMetrics breaks down the history, short as it may be, of the driving force behind the visual aspects of the web. From text-based sites through to current standards and emerging technologies, the science and art of web design are a case study in progress.

What will the next decade bring? Will we still be “surfing the web” on devices or will they deliver a new internet through other means? Can you imagine this web page being transmitted directly to your brain? Don’t laugh – it could happen someday in the near future.

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Evolution of Web Design

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