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A personalized typography concept bicycle

A personalized typography concept bicycle

Bicycles are becoming more fashionable especially as we try to go greener to help clean up the Environment and as we make steps towards contributing to a more Eco-friendly lifestyle, we also do not want bicycles that we rode as kids, instead we want to make a statement, and what better way to do that than personalizing a bicycle by having one made out of our name, literally.

Write a Bike concept Typography bicycle designed by Juri Zaech is not just a clever name but one that means what it says. The design enables you to create a bicycle out of words, particularly your name but that does not mean you couldn’t use your brand, twitter handle or any other words that you want to share while cruising around in your city or taking a ride down a country road. This uniquely inspired bicycle is a form of art that you can ride and with the use of the popular font, typography, you will not only make a statement but look very trendy while riding in style.

This out of the box thinking can definitely be useful for brands as they could promote their companies’ name as a bike instead of on the side of a truck, besides it would definitely grab the attention of many if seen riding around on a bicycle in places vehicles can’t go. It is also perfect for non-profit organizations to showcase their name and ideal for environmentalists looking to gain attention.

A typography concept bicycle

Whatever used for the Write a Bike is not your ordinary bicycle and even if you just add your name on it, it will make for a more personal ride, currently it is not available just yet to the public but that a prototype is in the making, therefore we may be able to take this industrial designed bike for a spin someday soon.

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