An artistic concept light fixture that shows you the weather


artistic concept light fixture

We are all pretty obsessed with the weather since it can make or break plans for any given day. We like the 7-day forecast to the extended long range forecast even though we all know that it could and will change within an instant. Most of us depend on the weather and local meteorologist to help us dress and prepare for the day ahead with hopes of no precipitation arising.

An artistic concept designed light fixture is a work in progress in how we receive our weather updates. The Nebula 12 is a simple but stable light fixture that communicates via Wi-Fi to a Lumia Nokia smartphone. The light fixture acts like a natural cloud and can change in colour and brightness thus can be used as a variable source of light. No need for other fixtures to set the mood or adjust to your needs as this is one advanced light fixture that will accommodate to you (unlike the weather).

In its standard mode, Nebula 12 predicts the weather for the next 48 hours. A threatening low-pressure area is announced by a red cloud, and sunshine is shown in yellow, allowing the user is able to adjust the settings and define the source of information received. Although, do not expect for rain or snow to begin dampening your house, the concept design doesn’t take it that far.

You may already be familiar with the iRock and cocoon, created by the same forward thinking company Micasa. Learning about the weather forecast will be seen in an artistically beautiful way unlike ever before. The light fixture that will not only allow you to control the settings from your phone but will allow you to be more in control of knowing the weather as it happens

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