Banners aren’t dead. They just suck.


Banner Ads Meh

Most people have grown accustomed to ignoring banner ads. There are browser plugins that block them and filters that hide them. Even when they’re visible, many people simply pretend like they aren’t there.

The problem isn’t with the people. They problem is with the ads themselves. In many cases, they simply all look the same. Sale this. Special that. Stock photo, some text, and a button to click to get more information. They’re old.

According to research by BuySellAds, there are ways to make banner ads more appealing. As an increasing number of people spend a growing amount of time online, websites need banner ads to monetize themselves and advertisers need views and clicks to make an impact on their business. It’s a singular goal, one that is addressed in their latest infographic.

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Perfect Banner Ad

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