Big names top list for insecure data storage on apps


App Insecurity

App watchdog group ViaForensics has been running popular Android and iPhone apps through their system to see who is encrypting sensitive data such as passwords, user names, and application data, as well as over 20 other pieces of details normally stored through apps. The results have been expected, albeit depressing.

Many major apps, including FourSquare, LinkedIn, and Gmail, failed the test for one reason or another. Below is a list of those who failed.

  • AIM Android
  • AIM iPhone
  • Android Mail (Exchange) Android
  • Android Mail (Hotmail) Android
  • Bump iPhone
  • Foursquare Android
  • Gmail Android
  • Groupon Android
  • HTC Mail (Exchange) Android
  • Hushmail Android
  • Hushmail iPad
  • iPhone Mail (Exchange) iPhone
  • iPhone Mail (Gmail) iPhone
  • K-9 Mail Android
  • Kik Android
  • Kik iPhone
  • LinkedIn Android
  • LinkedIn iPhone
  • Mint Android
  • Mint iPhone
  • Netflix Android
  • Skype Android
  • Skype iPhone
  • Square iPhone
  • Starbucks Cards Manager Android
  • Wikinvest iPhone
  • WordPress Android
  • WordPress iPhone
  • Yahoo! Mail Android
  • Yahoo! Mail iPhone
  • Yahoo! Messenger Android
  • Yahoo! Messenger iPhone

With recent reports of location and other data being stored by most major mobile OS providers, it makes us question whether keeping any personal data on apps or mobile devices is wise. Still, most simple don’t care, as the infographic by Lookout demonstrates. If we’re not concerned who will be?

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  1. Skype and AIM and stuff I don’t see as such a huge problem for me, it sucks, but whatever. But Mint?! Wtf.

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