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Clash of the titans: Google and Apple CEOs talking behind the scenes ahead of public battle

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If you thought the battle between Apple and Samsung was big, you may be in for a mobile device war between the two largest superpowers if recent statements out of the Google camp are to be believed. Reuters is reporting that the new heads of the two companies, Google’s Larry Page and Apple’s Tim Cook, were in meetings last week that were expected to continue today but had to be postponed for unknown reasons.

Apple won the first major battle over Samsung which many are considering a proxy war against the overall Android operating system. Mobile OS is considered both the present and future of computing with more people carrying around their email, internet, and apps rather than working on them from PCs. Its growing popularity puts a lot at stake and with Microsoft slow in moving into the third spot and RIM dying a quick death, the two big guns are preparing for a one-on-one battle that could determine which logo is carried in the majority of pockets around the world.

A week ago today, a jury awarded Apple over $1 billion in damages and made it possible for a ban on US sales of many Samsung products. Google’s mobile wing, the recently-purchased Motorola Mobility, cast the first official stone at Apple by filing with the US Internet Trade Commission for patent infringements with the iPhone and iPad.

The conversation between Page and Cook last week did not result in any formal agreement, but the two executives agreed to continue talking, according to one source.

Google’s Larry Page, who sat out several public speaking engagements earlier this summer because of an unspecified medical condition affecting his voice, has continued to run Google’s business.

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