Electronics Inch Closer to Clothing as the Top Christmas Gift

Holiday Shopping Header

Holiday Shopping Header

Remember the days when nearly all of your Christmas gifts were clothing or accessories. Sure, there were a few household appliances sneaked in there, perhaps cologne or perfume, and an occasional piece of jewelry, but aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and parents would fill the underbelly of the Christmas tree with sweaters you’d never wear and underwear that sort of felt uncomfortable getting as a present.

Those days are closer to being behind us as the digital age makes more of an impact on the holidays. As this graphic by our friends at Savings demonstrates, more and more people are turning to electronic gifts such as games, iPads, and GPS devices. 62% of shoppers are likely to buy electronics this year compared to 58% last year. Clothing is still tops on the list at 68%, but as we bow down more readily to our electronic overlords, we may start seeing more Apple logos and fewer Levi’s logos on our gifts in the near future.

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