Facebook creates a centralized hub for Marketers


The PMD Facebook Center

Facebook has made various steps to provide those who use the Facebook platform to market businesses as vendors, brands or those who have social expertise. Today Facebook has launched a PMD Center (The Preferred Marketing Developer).

The PMD Center is a centralized hub for best-in class developers to provide vital information to Marketers. PMD has over 260 million members in over 35 countries that help in the growth of marketers using Facebook as a marketing social platform.

This unique hub will provide all necessary and needed access to what a brand requires to enable their presence on Facebook. Not only does it highlight pages, apps, ads and insights, the hub also provides access to a scrolling section of recent case studies, recent studies and white papers. You can also view any of the latest program updates that Facebook developers have made.

The PMD center is meant to make marketing on Facebook easier without having to search for all of the things Facebook offers for Marketers, instead this is a one-stop-spot you will want to add to your bookmarks and will frequently want to check for updates and information that will continue helping your brand or the representation of a brand excel even further.

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