Five fast and furious years of Facebook

Five Years of Facebook

Five Years of Facebook

It’s hard to believe that Facebook is nearly a decade old. I can remember when it was just a social media toddler spreading across colleges. Oh, how it has grown.

The last five years have been tumultuous but successful for the most popular website in the world. It was in 2008 that Microsoft gave the ultimate bid of credibility to the site by investing in it, something that the software giant rarely did for up-and-comers like a social network. It can be argued that it was at that point that the attention of the world really turned to Mark Zuckerberg’s baby and the site has stayed in the forefront of media coverage and user thought ever since. Now, with over a billion users and a stock that seems to have found a stable place, is Facebook poised for another decade of domination?

This infographic by LonoCreative comes to us through and gives a timeline of the important events that have happened over these last five years.

PEzf3it scaled 1

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