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For the last few months, I have been asked on and off why I didn’t have a TECHi presence on Google+. There are many reasons: our focus on our Facebook page, our ever-growing Twitter presence, the lack of tools that integrate directly with Google+, and, of course, time (or lack thereof) all played a role. It’s not that we haven’t paid attention to Google+; on the contrary, we’ve been very active on it through our author accounts and through encouraging people to share on the social network.

Now, the reasons to get on outweigh the reasons to stay off. Google+ is not only growing, but its importance from a search perspective are easy to see. Even in searches for stories from our own site have shown that those that do well with more Google +1’s than others tend to rank better in search. Granted, +1’s are not the exact same thing singularly as Google+, the social network, but the big G seems bound to make this network and the +1 component a permanent and vibrant fixture in our daily search and social lives.

Having a million Android devices activated daily doesn’t hurt, either.

So, we officially have our own Google+ page. Follows are greatly appreciated.

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