Foray Into Kindle Gaming Proves It’s Still Only Good for Reading Stuff



Your favorite eBook reader just became your least favorite game console.

Japanese company KLab has successfully cloned the development kit for Amazon’s Kindle and released it open source – meaning developers can start churning out totally wicked sweet homebrew apps, right? Er, not quite yet.

Below is a video of …jeez, do I even need to introduce the damn game?… Super Mario Bros, running on an NES emulator developed with KLab’s kit. As you can plainly see, it looks like crap, and runs lower than full speed.

So what’s the point? Probably, ‘because we can’. If you’ll recall, the same mantra was applied to Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park (available on your Kindle!), to less-than-stellar results. Y’know, everyone getting eaten, and stuff.

[via Asiajin]
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