Geek Chic NOT Aimed At Guys


Abbey Liebman Dress

Geek gadgetry has a new, previously untapped market: Women. For years, technology and geek chic has been the domain of males, typically the kind living in their parents basement with Cheeto stains on their shirts who think that corduroy is the height of fashion, but that’s set to change.

Wearable technology is an evolving market in 2010, but increasingly the technology is aimed at both men and women. This dress from Abbey Liebman at Cornell University’s Textiles Nanotech Laboratory shows how a stylish dress can contain ultra-modern geek tech, including a USB charger for phones and iPods, photovoltaic film for recharging on the go and conductive thread responsible for distributing power.

Wearable technology is not a new concept, but has always been impeded by bulky designs with rigid, uncomfortable materials being necessary. Advances in nanotechnology and conductive fibres make this dress and many more wearable geek fashion items a reality in 2010.

Does this mean your girlfriend will suddenly show an interest in playing Halo with you? Most likely not.

Source: MAKE Magazine

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