Google+ becomes the fastest growing social network


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Since its launch in late June, Google+ has attracted 25 million unique global visitors. That ascent has far outpaced the growth of MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook, prompting many observers to wonder if Google’s new social network will eventually overtake Facebook in popularity.

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Although the unique visitor count slowed at the end of July, the network’s global adoption of has been steadier. The biggest growth for Google+ has been seen in the United States, followed by India and Canada.

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“Visitors is technically what ComScore reports,” explained ComScore analyst Andrew Lipsman. “If someone goes to the URL, they are a ‘visitor’ but not necessarily logged in as a ‘user.’ For all intents and purposes, users and visitors should be pretty close. For example, our reporting of visitors for Facebook matches up very closely to their ‘active user’ counts.”

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Other metrics released this week by ComScore include demographics data. Not surprisingly, the social network skews highly male and towards the 18-34 range. Additionally, Google’s Chrome has more than twice the Google+ penetration of any other browser, which could also hint at the “tech-savviness” of the average Google+ user.

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These figures also don’t take into account mobile apps either. Google recently released a Google+ app for the iPhone on July 19, and also just launched an update to its Android app. These updates are explained by Google+ Mobile Lead Product Manager Punit Soni below:

  1. And it will be the fastest to die too, since these people are signing up and not coming back.  There is NO way to spin the fact that they supposedly have doubled users in the last two weeks, yet their page views and time on site have dropped significantly.  When you are getting less than 1 page view for every 14 users per day, you know you do NOT have a successful product.

  2. Also…I love how you just gloss over the fact that unique visitors slowed.  As if that is not a big deal.  The very nature of the invite system would dictate that if people were just waiting to join, then the unique visitors would increase EXPONENTIALLY.  1 person can invite dozens of friends, who in turn can each invite dozens more, and so on.  The fact that it is getting less and less proves that there are a whole bunch of invite e-mail links going unclicked. And those that do are giving up on it before even attempting to get their friends to join.

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