Have We Reached a World of Infinite Information?


Infinite Information

No, but we’re not far off. The acceleration of the creation and discovery of information is reaching a point that is mind-blowing. We’ve all heard the different “facts,” that we double knowledge every two years or that we gain more information every year that we did in any of the previous centuries – all of it is fodder for speculation and trivia.

Still, we’re advancing terribly fast. Are there pitfalls? What if the data is lost? What if we gain it so fast that we can no longer store it properly. Electromagnetic pulses, sunspots, hackers – all are reasonable concerns regarding the most valuable type of item in history. Is there a reason to be prepared for disaster as a result?

This graphic doesn’t answer that question, but it does point to many pieces of data that make for a visually stunning presentation. Click to enlarge and enjoy.

Have We Reached a World of Infinite Information?
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  1. We may be increasing information at an astonishing rate but we also have to take into account the value of that information. I think its safe to assume that the valuable information is being stored adequately and is easily accessible. The rest, does it really matter?

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