Holidays Unplugged: disconnect and relax



These days technology is all pervasive, unavoidable even, and we are grateful. It has made it simple to get things done from anywhere in the world. It is hard to imagine going back to the way things were before smartphones. But what happens when we become over reliant on technology? Our gadgets aren’t used to simply accomplish tasks: they are constant distractions that stay by our side all day every day.

As this infographic points out, an average smartphone user will check their phone almost every five minutes. When does this become a problem? When does this become an addiction? When does this become detrimental to our physical and mental health?

Expedia have produced an infographic that suggests you should take a break once in a while in order to stay healthy, take stock of one’s life, and reconnect to the present.

Could you last a week without the internet? Something to mull over before your next holiday!


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