#Infographic: Tips for better social media updates


For the most part, people don’t need help with their own social media. They are on it enough and see what others are posting. This can then help them to mold the style based upon their preferences and what’s happening in their own lives to determine how to post.

10 Social Media Update Tips Infographic

For those who use social media for a purpose, having the right posting strategies can make a huge difference. This infogaphic from TechInfographics breaks it all down very nicely with 10 great tips to make your updates more fruitful.

Social media is not hard. The styles and types in the list aren’t all of them and you should never feel isolated in a box. Use the ideas. Build on them. There are more – much more. It fits nicely to make 10 but these are only a guide to help you find the types of posts that will work best for your business.

A big no-no that I don’t support is #9 – use images with text. Can it be popular? Sure. If you’re an organization that’s trying to get a worthwhile message out, then text-pics are just fine. If you’re a business, these types of posts can turn off your audience unless they’re truly unique and entertaining. Otherwise, these are great tips, especially #4. If you’re one of those that asks questions all the time on social media, it is coming across as insincere. Don’t do it. Occasional questions are fine but people realize that interaction drives exposure on social media, so asking too many questions could make people think that you’re trying to encourage engagement for the sake of increased views… which you are, of course.

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