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iPed Launches For $105 in China, Runs On Android


Sounding more like a banned iPhone app than a tablet, the iPed is exactly what you’re probably thinking: a Chinese knockoff. Now available (!!!) in Shenzhen, China, the iPed is an Intel-driven, Android-based copycat packaged like an Apple product, and, to be honest… it doesn’t look half bad. An Android device for ¥9,600 ($105)? Yes, please.

However, this device isn’t without its shortcomings. From the looks of this video, it’s mighty, mighty slow. Though allegedly powered by an Intel chip, the device apparently only sports up to 16gigs of space and runs on 128MB of RAM – in this technological climate, barely enough to power a calculator.

Whatever the case, this is by and large the most impressive ripoff from China I’ve ever seen – much better than, say, the KenSingTon ‘Chintendo Vii’ (which I swear is also a real product) – and proves one thing, if nothing else: they’re getting better (and faster) at this. Give ’em another decade, and Apple may consider taking this copycat business a bit more seriously.

Behold, as bewildered Japanese newscasters weigh in on the iPed’s sudden appearance on the Chinese market.

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