iPod Nano Gets Its Camera Back, Becomes Spy Gear


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Straight outta Asia comes the rumour that the seventh-gen iPod Nano may, in fact, be getting its camera back. Fans of the Nano likely remember a time before Big Steve decided the unit had to better live up to its name by being condensed into an unnecessarily small space. That time bore unto us an iPod that was light on stature, but big on the ability to take pictures – an ability that was heartbreakingly removed from the bite-size current model.

However, Apple.pro has leaked a photograph which seems to do little but confirm the existence of an impending camera on the next Nano, which will retain its current ridiculously small size. Personally, my rule of thumb is that any piece of electronics small enough to flush down a toilet without hassle is too small – but then again, there’s something totally James Bond about a music watch that can take photographs. This is really a double-edged sword.

  1. Isn’t that the immediately previous-generation nano? What’s pictured (rectangle-shaped) is much larger than the current square-shaped nano that you show at the top of this post.

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